High Volume Keyword Rank

High Volume Keyword Rank

High Volume Keyword Rank


High Volume Keyword rank is a concept that refers to the position your site occupies for a given keyword in the SERPs. Below we will explain why it’s an essential measure for your website. But, to better understand what it is about, it is helpful to remember once again the way the pages are displayed in the search engine.

Indeed, ranking websites in search results is done according to a process that can be broken down into four steps:

Analysis of the words contained in the request the search engine tries to understand and understand the meaning of the words you use to formulate your query. It also analyzes the context in which the words are developed or used.

Searching for a match in the Google index: Once the query is understood and analyzed. The search engine explores the pages it has in its index. The objective is to determine the content that best suits the question.

Page Ranking Once these two stages are completed, Google, based on numerous criteria (the relevance of your keywords, the quality of your content. And the authority of your referring domains). Displays the link to your page in the search results

As you will see, this link is displayed based on several criteria in one position. First, this position considers your page’s relevance to the user’s query.

Why Should You Care About High Volume Keyword Rank?

SEO aims to develop a strategy that allows you to position your site in a good position in the search results. But since search results are closely tied to keywords. This ambition is necessarily reflected in the ranking of your pages for queries that contain your keywords.

Therefore, you must monitor and evaluate your efforts and failures to ensure you are on the right track. Consequently, it will be up to you to measure and control the positioning of your keywords in the search results. Whether organic or paid.

There are several reasons why collecting high-volume keyword rank information seems necessary. Here are some of them:

High Volume Keyword Rank Statistics

Recent statistics collected at the search engine level by backlinks on keyword ranking reveal that Google’s #1 result gets about 32% of all organic clicks
The top 5 organic results in the SERPs account for 67.6% of all clicks

These two statistics demonstrate without a doubt that:

  • The top-ranked pages in search results are the ones that get the most results.
  • The first page of search results is the most important.
  • It is precisely these results that explain why everyone wants to position themselves on the first page.

Apart from what the statistics show. Another reason that could explain the need to watch the positioning of your keywords is to improve your SEO strategy.

Improve your Referencing Strategy – High Volume Keyword Rank

Indeed, monitoring the positioning of the words you use to optimize your pages will allow you to gather the information that will be useful for you.

Determine the relevance of your keywords: Tracking your keyword rankings will help you identify which keywords you are ranking for and which ones you are not serving. It can also help you better detect the search intent of your users.
Spot the trends in your industry. SEO efforts don’t automatically pay off.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the data you collect from tracking your keyword rankings to identify the opportunities that are performing best. In addition, since the search results are not stagnant. The constant and periodic analysis of the positions of your keywords will allow you to learn from your performance and that of your competitors.

Know the exact cause of your website’s performance drop and the precise cause of your site’s performance drop: Performance drops can occur without you being able to determine the exact cause.

Knowing that this may be the result of algorithm changes or the introduction of new features, tracking and analyzing your positions in the SERPs can give you precise indications of the causes. This way, you can determine the source of the problem.

Also, keep in mind that tracking keyword rankings can help determine if the actions or resolutions you are implementing on your site are working.

How to Track your Site’s High-Volume Keyword Rank?

Here’s how to determine where you rank in search results for each keyword you’re targeting.

The best way to determine your keyword ranking is to use tools designed for it. First, you can browse the SERPs by typing your keyword and searching directly on each page.

But with thousands of results ranking, and unless you are at the top of the pages, this can be time-consuming. If not impossible. So we suggest you use the SEO tools designed for this purpose.

How do Search Results Appear in the SERPs?

First, the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) refers to the pages that a search engine displays when a query is made. In simple terms, everything appears on your screen when you query a search engine. For most search engines, the SERPs include several elements.

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