What is AMP?


What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, an open-source website framework that Google designs. This is designed to load websites quickly and provide a great user experience on mobile devices. If you want to give your users a fast and smooth experience, install AMP for your website. AMP is crucial, especially for mobile users.

It’s important to consider that AMP is just one approach to mobile optimization, and alternative methods and frameworks are available. When deciding whether to use AMP or another solution, please take a look at your website requirements, the trade-offs involved, and the compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

How Does AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Work?

It would help if you had a subcategory of HTML to create AMP for your website. That is called ” Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML.” Well, it is not different from normal HTML. It is just that it comes with certain additional tags for better optimization and certain restrictions. These tags will help search engines understand how to run pages with AMP.

Apart from this, APM also is incorporated with Global Cache System. And it is called an ” Accelerated Mobile Pages Cache.” We’d like to see how it works for you. When any AMP web page is published, it can b cached by various content delivery networks that AMP supports. And when users access AMP URLs, it is shown as a cached version. AMP also provides a set of pre-built components to include in the Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML.

Images, Videos, Forms, and more are some common elements that functionality is optimized with the help of AMP components. All these elements are optimized for quick loading and better performance.

Accelerated Mobile Pages will help your lazy loading pages and optimize them fast loading pages. This strategy used by Accelerated Mobile Pages is called Preloading. Preloading will allow the essential resources to load in the background before they need.

AMP prioritizes rendering visible content to users, such as the text and images above the fold. This means that even if the entire page has not finished loading, users can start consuming the primary content without significant delays.

Accelerated Mobile Pages provide specialized components for integrating analytics services and displaying ads performant. These components ensure that analytics tracking and ad rendering are optimized for speed and do not hinder the overall page performance.

Advantages of AMP

One of the advantages we have seen is fast loading. It optimizes your website so that it loads faster for users. This help in user experience, eventually increasing the time people stay on your website.

The Google search engine prioritizes AMP web pages in mobile search results by displaying them in the top search results. This increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and improved organic search traffic.

This leads to another point, which is the bounce rate. The bounce rate increases whenever the page loading time increases, meaning people will move away from your website if the page loads slowly.

AMP is not limited to Google platforms. It works across various browsers and platforms, making it accessible to many users, regardless of their device or preferred browser.

AMP’s optimized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript reduce the data required to load a web page. This optimization is particularly beneficial for users with limited mobile data plans or slower internet connections, making your content more reachable to a wider audience.

AMP is an open-source project, which means it benefits from continuous development, improvements, and contributions from a vibrant community of developers and designers. This active community ensures that Accelerated Mobile Pages remains up-to-date, secure, and responsive to evolving web standards and user expectations.


If you want to run your website faster and improve your website user experience, then you need to start using Accelerated Mobile Pages, especially for mobile optimization. This will eventually help your page appear on the top of search results since your website has a great user experience.

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