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App store optimization

App Store Optimization


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the method of taming the visibility of your app within the App Store and increasing app load rates. The leading app stores are the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

App optimization helps your app rank and appear better in App Store search results and increases click-through rate (CTR). This means you have to convince people to click on your app in the App Store as soon as they find it. You can do this by:

Understand Your Customer and Competitor

How well do you know your clients and competitors? An ASO strategy relies on understanding how your clients use your app and deep insight into competing apps. To get started, ask yourself the following:

  • What language do my clients usually use?
  • How would they describe my app?
  • What are the top reasons for downloading and using my app?
  • What keywords are my competitors targeting?

Your ASO strategy starts with putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Your goal is to improve the app’s visibility in App Store looks and target those keywords that bring in the most traffic.

The best way to determine these optimal keywords is through user research and knowing which keywords made your app visible to competitors and what language they use to describe it.

It would help if you studied your competitors to determine which keywords are targeted by apps similar to yours. You can then decide if targeting these exact keywords or a separate combination of these valuable ones makes sense.

You also have to determine if it makes sense to rank at the top for a few vastly competitive keywords or at the top with a lower search volume.

Choose the Correct Name for the Application

Choosing a unique name for your app is not just a brand; It helps you get the best results with ASO. Including relevant keywords in your title (app name) significantly improves app results when searching in the App Store.

Title tags in the App Store can be around 255 characters long, which allows for lots of keywords or cognate words. However, don’t take this as an advantage to stuff every keyword you think into the title.

Your app’s name is, first and foremost, the first thing a user appears on the App Store. However, titles will usually be shortened after the 23rd character in the App Store and the 30th in the Google Play store (including spaces).

In addition, app titles for apps pinned to the navigation menu or phone home screen are shortened after 11 characters in the App Store and 14 characters in Google Play.

To ensure users can identify your app, try to keep the app name short and easy. You can reinforce this short title using non-canonical keywords after the name, usually preceded by a dash bar, to connect your app with specific keywords.

Choose Your Keywords Well – App Store Optimization

While the app optimization strategies apply to all stores, when it comes to different app stores, google play. And app Store have very different approaches to app store optimization keywords.

App Store
The App Store has a 100-character keyword area. It exclusively uses the title and any keywords or keyword phrases you include in those 100 characters to determine the search words that your app will show.

Therefore, it is essential to use all custom characters and carefully research your keywords to make the most of exposure in the store and increase user engagement from Organic Traffic.

Google Play
On the other hand, Google Play Store takes a more similar approach to modern SEO techniques. First, Google analyzes your app description to extract relevant keywords.

In this scenario, you are given 4000 characters to describe it in the language you want. This is your chance to use keywords related to your field of application, taking into account not to repeat the keywords excessively. It is better to distribute the research words consistently and appropriately for the description.

Write A Convincing Description

We recommend focusing most of your writing on the starting three lines of your description to catch the reader’s attention as soon as they click on your app. With the increasing number of apps on the market.

Customers are sure to have a few – if not many – substitutes to consider when evaluating their apps. You can make their decision easy by describing the attractive and valuable app and stating your app’s most important reasons and advantages that you should use.

Design a Unique App Icon for App Store Optimization

When designing your app’s icon or icon, it’s necessary to note that google play and app store differ in their approach to and presentation of app icons. In addition, both stores have different standards for the ideal size, geometry, and colour combination of app icons designed to mix in with the rest of the operating system.

No matter what operating system you’re designing your app icon for, it would be best to have an icon that can stand out from the crowd. In addition, the icon should be clear enough to tell the user what your app does, even in its minimized form in the apps list. As such, do not over-design your icon with unnecessary words or slogans that require additional time for the user to understand.

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