What is SEO Strategy?

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SEO Strategy

What is SEO Strategy?


The SEO strategy has become the key for your company to go to the next level because it generates meagre costs. And can be a good source of prospects because it focuses on organic searches that make topics related to your product or service.

It is 2020, a year with a new direction in digital transformation, and therefore a company that is not clear about its SEO approaches must rethink its strategies.

Achieving the positioning you want in search engines is not attained from one moment to the next. However, this has become a technique to optimize different websites, which some experts can help you strengthen since not everything on the internet guarantees that it is easy to find.

What Advantages can Implementation of an SEO Strategy Give You?

Increase the visibility of your business organically; this generates more visits to your website, blog or landing page and therefore increases the possibility of generating more sales.

Higher conversion rate because by delivering the right content, your attraction in search engines will effectively bring qualified prospects closer, reflected in effective sales closures.

You save money since it becomes profitable by not having to pay to appear within the search engines. However, do not neglect the investment you must make in content and design efforts so that everything goes as you expect.

So How Can I Make An Effective SEO Strategy?

Set Your Goals

No strategy, whatever it is, will work if you want to achieve it, so think carefully about what you want when planning this new strategy. For example, you generate more sales, increase traffic to your site or certain content, position your brand, etc.

Lean on Other Tools

The idea is to evaluate the performance of your strategy constantly. This way, you will know that if something does not go as expected, take action on time. We recommend Google Analytics because this tool will be an integral approach to Google and therefore generate monitoring in the field of statistics on your site.

Additionally, keywords are essential in this strategy since they are the instrument for searches that redirect users to your site. In other words, your words will be the basis for your prospects to approach or move away from you. For this, the Google trends tool can help you since it will show you what the world researches the most and with what keywords.

Usability for SEO Strategy

Avoid that your web page is a complex tangle of texts and images that complicate the life of visitors. It would help if you considered the web’s usability for your SEO strategy.

That is to say, everything you put on your page must make sense, and everything must be as simple as likely so that visitors see it that way. The more superficial it is, the more likely you will get results.

Here it is essential to emphasize the importance of keywords again because the better you use them, the more influential the searches that redirect to your brand will be.

Content Rules

An SEO strategy, which does not focus on good content, will bring absolutely nothing. Beyond publicizing your product, it is essential that you demonstrate how functional it is, what difference it has over others and what additional value it can offer.

The idea is to create 100% original content, using around 1,500 words or at least 1,000, in which you generate value for visitors but do not generate sales. Use links directed to internal (non-commercial) pages and external pages or blogs with experience in the subject you use.
You can highlight the most important phrases or words in bold to facilitate reading

and have at least two high-quality images with the least possible weight and free of copyright.

Finally, use the heading tags to highlight certain parts of your post, and you can use them like this:

  • H1 Titles: Each page must have one, be unique within the site, and not exceed 70 characters.
  • H2 Subtitles
  • H3 and H4 Subtitles within H2

Less is More

Remember one thing, the world of the Internet is the world of immediacy. If you ask your potential clients to fill out a form with more than three pieces of data, they will never do it—request vital information.

For example, name, the telephone and email, and don’t invent more! With his email, you can start to carry out an email marketing strategy and captivate him even more. If you need any other information, you can request it when you establish direct contact with the person.

Social Media

An excellent possibility to attract more people is to make your social networks serve as a way to reach your website. In this way, you can have more personal contact with potential clients, and, in addition, you will lead them to fulfil a specific function on your website, thus increasing the effectiveness of your strategy.

Just be constant on the social networks indicated for your brand and generate content that makes them want to enter. Always remember that a single, well-structured strategy can be effective, but combining several will help you achieve better results.

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