Content Marketing Issues

Content Marketing Issues

Content Marketing Issues


Content Marketing Issues – Content Marketing is not only about creating engaging and quality content. It must also be accompanied by the process of developing objectives and audiences.

These items are the key to the success of your strategy. This post will show the five most common problems when generating content. There are several problems that companies must face when defining the actions and resources of a Web Content strategy. Find out what they are and how to fix them!

Wanting to Cover Too Many Channels – Content Marketing Issues

In general, companies that carry out Content Marketing want to cover all possible online and offline channels: Email Marketing, Blogs, Social Media, printed pieces and many more.

The problem is that many companies feel overwhelmed by the specific content they have to create for each channel without being able to perform adequately on any.


We recommend starting working by selecting a single channel based on the characteristics and needs of your audience and concentrating all your efforts on specific content for that platform.

This doesn’t mean that you should be absent from the rest of the media, but it is necessary to know your primary channel and think of it as the centre of gravity of your content management.

Not Reaching Content Performance – Content Marketing Issues

One of the main problems of Content Marketing arises when you discover that your content does not reach your customers, it is not helpful for them, and it does not manage to position itself in Google either.


The answer to the previous question is related to going beyond promoting products and services and focusing on what the reader is looking for.

To achieve this, you must ask yourself: who are you addressing, what benefits do they expect to obtain, or what can your content help them with? And last but not least: how to encourage people to share your posts with other readers.

On the other hand, it will be essential to know the current rules of search engine positioning so that you can understand why your blog does not appear in the search results.

Shortage of Public – Content Marketing Issues

Companies are often very focused on producing content and often forget that, for them to work, they must first develop an audience. Seems too obvious? But it is not always.


We recommend focusing on generating Subscribers through, for example, creating a list of influencers that help build your audience, including a web form on your site, creating contests where users must leave their data to participate etc.

If you want to know more alternatives to create or increase your database, we share this post that explains it in detail.

Legal and Compliance Complications

Companies sometimes find themselves bogged down in content management because each piece must go through a complex chain of organizational and legal approval processes.

This kind of bureaucracy is usually detrimental to any strategy since the Content Marketing dynamics must be carried out quickly to avoid content marketing issues. Sometimes, the resources are not enough to meet the established dates.


Before executing a Content strategy, creating a series of rules and protocols for all team members, both for content and legal issues, is advisable so there are no content marketing issues.

In this way, you will be able to previously agree on the compliance of each piece and avoid inconveniences and last-minute changes.

Insufficient Resources

The lack of resources to produce content is a classic reason companies do not specify a Content Marketing strategy. And what do we owe this for?

There is a false belief that anyone can make content, and the company must create it. Below we explain why this is not the case.

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