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Content Promotion Tools

Content Promotion Tools

Content promotion tools are used by many marketers nowadays. However, content marketing is about creating high-quality, highly engaging content, which is difficult. So to achieve success in content marketing, you need to master content promotion.

The help of content promotion tools will make your work efficient, easy and quick to reach a wider audience. If you want to strengthen your content promotion efforts, we are here to help you with this. In this article, we will discuss some of the mind-blowing tools that can help you with content promotion.

LinkedIn Pulse Content Promotion Tool

LinkedIn Pulse is the tool that LinkedIn provides and is its personalized newsfeed for its users. Members can publish their content on this LinkedIn platform. And users can see the content they are interested in.

Every year almost 13,000 articles are published on the LinkedIn Platform. LinkedIn is good for B2B business because it has tools, particularly for B2B. In addition, it helps professional leaders build great relationships and reach a wide range of audiences. You will have access to analytics that will give complete data about who read, shared and commented on your post.

Medium Content Promotion Tool

A medium is a free tool that can help you publish your content; the best part is to post the content on other platforms to reach millions. It also curates the best content into different categories on the homepage and sends out daily digests to people.

During this time, this platform has become very famous with its users since it focuses on high-quality content, and the best part is that likes and shares do not manipulate its algorithm. Therefore, the content read more will perform best and reach a broad audience.


With the help of buffer, you schedule and post content on different social media networks, and it has built-in analytics software to measure the success of your content. As a result, you can manage all your social media accounts in one place. You need to add all your social media accounts to the buffer. So whenever you want to share something, it gives you the option of all the social media platforms you are on. So instead of sharing ten times on ten different platforms, you can share on ten platforms at a time.

Another best thing about buffer is it will tell you which post did well so you can add it to the queue and post it again in future. So it will save you a lot of time if you upgrade more than you can do a complete social media analysis.


Broca is another content promotion tool where you can create content through AI automation. It can create content so that you can scale your amplification efforts, and also it reduces time spent. You don’t need thorough training or knowledge or spend time learning anything to run this application’s simple and spontaneous interface.

This application is a game changer for busy content professionals to simplify their workflow and overcome the execution headache. First, you need to add the keyword, description and other required factors then it will generate the name of the channels to promote.


Outbrain is the content syndication network that can help you promote your content across powerful platforms like Wired, Time and CNN. The platform promotes around 275 billion content to internet users each month.
You will get the option of different ranges to help you reach your target audience, and analytics software will help you track down the campaigns.


The best thing about CoSchedule is it has the option of repeated sharing of blog posts. So don’t just sit around after promoting content once. Instead, use this tool for your content promotion. Then, keep promoting the content until its life does not end. You know what we meant. It will plan your schedule for each channel’s ideal posting time and automate it for you.

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