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Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis


The social media analysis report is crucial to see if your social presence is helping you reach the goals for your business. In addition, it is a great way to know whether or not it is driving engagement for our business. Since we all know social media is a great platform to grow our business, we need to see whether whatever we are doing on social media is worth it or not.

In this article, we will learn more about social media analysis, its benefits and how you can perform social media analysis. Keep reading, so you get them depth insights about social media analysis. Let us begin.

Benefits of Social Media Analysis

You need to know about the likes, comments and retweets and see if your social media profile is healthy. Okay, but this is not it. It will help if you dive deeper into your social media profile. Social media analysis gives you insights about whether it works the way you want. Is it influencing people and creating awareness about your brand? You can see metrics like the number of unfollows, mentions, post engagements, new followers, reach and more.

It helps in product or service improvements since you will get an idea about the customer reviews. Both positive and negative comments and reviews will help you know where to improve. It is like you are learning from your customers.

It helps in managing your business reputation. It helps in the long-term impact on your reputation. See if your campaigns, posts, stories, etc., will not negatively affect your business reputation. It would help if you were very careful about every little detail.

How Can you Perform Social Media Analysis?

If you want to create your own social media analysis report, here we are to help you to do so:

Create an Excel Sheet

You must first see which platform you are most active on and where you think you can perform better, and then you can start preparing your social media analysis report. The next step would be creating an excel sheet, but for each platform you are on, create separate excel sheets.

This will help develop centres for your social media data, making it easy to compare data over time. Now that you have created excel sheets let us move to the next step.

Get Data from Every Social Media platform

Some of the social media platforms have inbuilt analytics. Suppose, for example, Facebook, the analytics patent is called Facebook Insights. With this help, you can see metrics like page views, actions on the page, previews and more.

On Instagram, Twitter also allows you to pull data from your account. To see how your profile has performed, you need to get the information from the last few months. So you get detailed insights about your profile.

Now Put All the Data together in Excel Sheets

This is the head step of the above-all actions; put all the above-collected data into the excel sheet. Create sheets for every month so it will be easy for you to understand everything. Add dates in the row and topics in the column above and make them bold—for example, Page views, Likes, Number of visitors and more.

Highlight your data with different colours for deeper understanding. For example, green for positive results you are getting on social media and red for negative results, you know where there are needs for improvements. This will give you comprehensive insights into your social media platform.

Keep an eye on every single data you have collected. Keep track so you don’t miss out on anything. It isn’t easy, but it is crucial. Don’t do the tracking for every platform you are on simultaneously. Do it separately so it won’t be confusing.

Additional Steps

From the overall data, see what metrics are causing you difficulties and try to improve or remove them. And again, add the categories of which things are improved and which still needs attention.

See which metrics are always down, maybe your followers or post impressions. Try to ask your friends to give a shoutout on any post depending on the issue and take action. Do this for every social platform you are on so your social media game is strong.

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