What is Google RankBrain?

Google RankBrain

What is Google RankBrain?


Google RankBrain is the google algorithm that came into existence in October 2015, another milestone in the development of the google machine learning system. It has been rated as the third most crucial google algorithm after content and backlinks.

In this article, you will learn how this google rankbrain came into existence, how you can on google with its help and much more. This algorithm has proved to be the most efficient one, which understands your keyword and gives you relevant results.

Google has taken advantage of artificial intelligence to build an algorithm like rankbrain in computing results with more accuracy and proficiency

What Exactly is Google RankBrain?

Google always comes up with a mystery. But let us dig in to get to whatever we can. This update is a machine-learning system used to process unfamiliar and different queries and relate them to existing searches, providing users with more appropriate inquiries.

This google RankBrain works on artificial intelligence that will convert written language into mathematical entities that a computer can understand. For example, if you search for an unfamiliar keyword or phrase, google RankBrain looks for different words with a similar meaning and shows the results accordingly.

What Queries are Affected by Google RankBrain?

Google’s confidence began to grow when it introduced Google RankBrain. Since the search results were excellent after the launch of RankBrain, it was above 15%. Moreover, it shows most of the search queries, as mentioned by STEVEN LEVY “ Google RankBrain is probably not intricate in every query but in a lot of queries.”

The RankBrain come into the game when google cannot understand specific queries, but if google is confident about the meaning of the queries, there is no need for the RankBrain. Therefore, it is of no use to Google.

How does it work in SEO?

RankBrain uses entities which are objectives that google knows facts about places, products or people and other things. Now what happens here is RankBrain, with the help of a mathematical algorithm, divides these entities into more specific words that lead to a particular Search Engine Results Page.

The significant thing about these entities is that google has already collected information about them and can come up with the results immediately for any search query. And if there is any unknown search query, RankBrain comes in hand and show the relevant results, which means different words with similar meaning.

And one more that will happen over time is the RankBrain analysis the keyword. If many users are typing the same search results, it will consider it more relevant and rank that keyword or phrase higher on google. This google algorithm works best for long-tail keywords.

Is Google RankBrain A Ranking Signal?

Yes, it is a ranking signal. As said by Greg Corrado that it is the third most important ranking signal. Different factors will decide whether something is a ranking signal, like different keywords on your page, the number of backlinks, and even page authority that the google search engine takes into account while assigning rankings.

So if we look at it a different way, it is not a ranking signal since it is not part of the website’s characteristics. So from google’s point of view, it is not a ranking signal but a reliable tool for generating results. This algorithm is beneficial not only for google but also for the end users as it gives similar results for difficult keywords.

Optimizing the RankBrain

Certain factors will help you to optimize the google RankBrain. Let us see what they are:

If your content is in lamen language, looks like a conversation and looks more natural, then it will rank your page higher. And if you write it the other way around like a machine, RankBrain gets confused and pulls you down. So maintaining a balance between natural and AI-generated language is essential to get maximum optimization through RankBrain.

The next thing is that RankBrain ultimate task is to provide as relevant search results as possible, so you have to ensure that your page keywords match search intent because this is where your website’s CTR depends.

There are chances that your pages do not match the search intent here, and you need to work on relevancy and comprehensiveness. Moreover, since RankBrain is now also focusing on content, you have to make your content more relevant and use more common and related words or synonyms. Try to avoid unnatural language, especially in titles and meta descriptions.

You can also use the “Rank Tracker Competition Research” module, which helps you collect tons of data and search terms that your competitors use.


Google is never the same every day. You never know what it will come up with—the algorithm changes. So you can first focus on the content you provide for the users. Keep it simple and relevant. Third, use language that is understandable for humans. And also keep it up-to-date. Then you can focus on all the algorithms google comes up with and work accordingly.

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