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Link Inspector

Link Inspector

Link Inspector is a web development software that helps you to inspect and analyze different aspects of a website’s links. It provides insights into the link structure, broken links, redirect chains, and other related information. It is a tool that will help you assist the link building and verification.

By inspecting links using the browser’s developer tools like Google Search Console, you can gain insights into how links are organized on a webpage, test their properties, and debug any other issues. Another thing that must be mentioned is that all the developer tools’ specific layouts and features may vary slightly between browsers. Still, the basic concept of inspecting or testing links can be similar.

Advantages of Link Inspector

  • Both incoming and outgoing links are being analyzed with the help of the link inspector and the faulty ones.
  • Link Inspector is very easy to set up.
  • It constantly generates reports to help your website not lose visitors or drop the ranking in search results. And it will help you avoid broken links so your website ranking is dropped.
  • Some tools provide a free inspection.

What does Link Inspector Do?

  1. It scans all the links on a website and provides detailed information about each link, including the URL, anchor text, and link type (internal or external).
  2. It identifies any broken or dead links on a website that can negatively impact user experience and search engine optimization. This feature helps you find and fix broken links efficiently.
  3. It uncovers redirect chains, which occur when a link goes through multiple redirects before reaching its final destination. Redirect chains can affect website performance and SEO, and Link Inspector helps you identify and optimize these chains.
  4. It checks the attributes associated with links, such as “nofollow” and “sponsored,” which can impact search engine crawling and indexing.
  5. It analyzes the internal link structure of a website, highlighting the most linked-to pages and any potential issues, such as orphan pages (pages without any incoming links).

How to Do a Live Link Test?

Running a live test for your website link can help you discover a few things about your links. If there are any issues, you can solve them. Let us see how we can do that:

  • Open the Google Search Console, where you index your article to rank it on search results.
  • On the right side, you will see “Test Live URL.” You can also rerun the test by clicking the rerun test button on the test page.
  • You can see the results with HTTP headers by clicking View crawled page.
  • When you run a live test, it does not mean you can discover everything about your URL, and it does not show all the indexed issues.
  • It does not show if the content has duplicate pages, but the great thing is duplicate pages are not indexed.
  • Other things like temporarily blocked URLs, removal of content, or other manual actions are not discovered in live tests.


Overall, Link Inspector provides valuable insights into a website’s link profile, helping web developers and SEO professionals optimize their site’s link structure, improve user experience, and enhance search engine visibility. Please note that the features and capabilities may vary depending on the tool or software named “Link Inspector,” as there might be multiple tools with similar names in the market.

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