Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Local Marketing


Local marketing is a strategy that focuses all its attention on getting customers for a business in a specific area. Whether it is a city, a neighborhood, or an entire province, local marketing strategies aim only at a particular and limited audience of potential users.

Unlike other strategies such as mailing, which can reach interested consumers from anywhere in the country or the entire planet depending on the scope of the company, with a local strategy, the number of clients that can be attracted is much more limited.

Common Local Marketing Strategies

Now that we know the benefits of neighborhood-level strategies, what options do we have?

Online Presence:
If our information is available 24 hours / a 365 days a year through our website, consumers can find our products at any time and know exactly where and how to reach us.

This also includes the presence in social networks, where through local Facebook groups and other networks, we can actively participate as an active part of the life of the neighborhood or the city, generating value in the process.

Online Paid to Advertise:
Linked to the previous point, creating paid ads in the main search engines and social networks will lower the company’s price. This is because your target audience will be significantly reduced by working locally, and the cost per click of each successfully viewed ad will be reduced.

Create Alliances with Other Companies:
Creating bonds with other businesses that are compatible with each other. It is about looking for companies that complement each other by offering services that improve the quality of the other.

In this way, both companies can cross-sell and gain mutual benefit through this type of local action, which, although in this case, does not directly interact with consumers, affects the final sales level.

On-Site Raffles:
Offering raffles for a raffle to customers who purchase the premises is a frequent strategy within small businesses since it directly encourages more consumers to find out how to contribute in the raffle. In this way, sales are increased by participating in the raffle and returning in the future to check if they have won the prize.

Benefits of Local Marketing

Create Long-Term Business Relationships:
It costs much more financially to get a new customer than to get an old customer back to buy a product from the company again. However, that is precisely one of the reasons why online marketing strategies are very profitable, and this is so, thanks to the following section.

If your business is working in the same city or neighbourhood as your potential customers, they will know you personally to be able to do local marketing. Or at least they can do it if they want to by just taking a walk, taking the car there and being able to talk in person.

This closeness of being able to visit your business at any time to discuss any doubt in person is a decisive factor in creating a solid relationship of trust that leads that consumer to continue buying for years as long as they need what your business covers.

Sustained Growth:
Local marketing offers companies, and clients, in a scaled way. However, no matter how good a marketing action is, it is usual that it does not capture several clients that are too high not to be able to handle them properly.

This makes local marketing a fantastic tool for companies looking for sustained growth over time, as they can repeat new local actions to attract new customers in the long term while growing as their resources allow.

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