Multiple Businesses at the Same Address

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Multiple Businesses at the Same Address

Multiple Businesses at the Same Address


Suppose you have multiple businesses at the same address and don’t know how to create a google my business listing. And you are wondering how many listing your business is eligible for and if you are rightfully running more than one business at your location.

The standard method to google my business is to enter your business information and verify it for a postcard. Easy right? And this puts business owners in this
There are chances that people can get confused, so here are some common questions flying around the internet that we will cover in this article. Let us begin.

What to do If you Have Multiple businesses at the Same Address?

Yes, you can have various businesses at the same address, but there are specific rules that you need to follow. For example, it should be legally acceptable for business, or you can have issues for your business later either with customers, or it could go against google legal guidelines.

You must operate multiple legally distinct companies if you want to have multiple businesses at the same address. This cannot be so common because people have a single business at a single address, but if you want to have one, you keep reading to know more.

If each business thinks one listing is good, what about two? Is that good or not? Our team came across this problem a lot of times. Let us explain to you with an example. Suppose two doctors who own a practice together verify their address at the exact location. This is fine, but this can create a problem in google maps visibility.

Problems that can occur due to Multiple Businesses at the Same Address?

Suppose a similar business moves out of the location and a new business starts. This is common with restaurants. There are chances that one of the businesses won’t appear on the maps. Google chooses the business with more SEO power or the most linking to that listing.

The other listing won’t appear immediately visible on the maps. You can see if you use the zoom-in button once, but this does not happen every time. But this only happens after searching more than 2-3 times because google chooses to show businesses in niche per address.

You can also use the algorithm called Google Possum. This algorithm hides the listing that is less relevant to your search. For example, the algorithm serves these answers if the user is looking for a highly localized response.

Best Practices for Multiple Businesses at the Same Address

Here are a few practices that can help you handle multiple businesses at the same address. Of course, the first step in local SEO is creating a google my business profile. So here are a few tips that will help you create and maintain a google my profile and move your business ranking up for local search results, resulting in higher revenue:

Filling up Details about your All Businesses

Google my business profile for various companies. You need to fill in as many details as possible about each business location on google. You can select each company and then fill out the details about everything, from the timing of the operation to retailing etc.

Constantly Using Google Posts

This method will help you build your business eminence and, therefore, your google ranking in search results. Now you are maybe thinking about what google posts are. There are four types of posts on google:

  1. Offers
  2. Products
  3. New Launches
  4. Events

These google posts are a fantastic way to stay in touch with your clients or customers.

Using Tools or Applications to Schedule Google Posts

Since Google does not have a feature for uploading your post to multiple businesses, you need to look for tools to do this work. You can find some social media scheduling software to help you Google my business posts. You can upload posts in bulk, like videos, content creation schedules, and multiple profiles, without moving from one tab to another.

Some of the Tools are mentioned Below:

  1. DBA Platform
  2. Social Champ
  3. Social Report
  4. Sprout Social
  5. OneUp

Some of the other methods are:

  • Replying to all reviews, including positive and negative ones.
  • Posting high-resolution quality photos.
  • Analyzing google my business insights to improve your online presence.

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