SEO Success

SEO Success

SEO Success


SEO success is based on excellent and original content and optimized website. But it is more profound than we think. So before getting into the SEO success strategies, let us tell you something. Search engines are no different than people.

So as we would love to have good quality content understandable to read, search engines want the same. So they look out for quality content. The only difference is search engine process is a lot faster and more organized.

They also love the website that has less loading time, is easy to navigate and is mobile friendly. In addition, websites that have clear page titles, Links and URLs are search friendly. Well, these are what you and your customers look for when browsing something online.

Let us not waste more time and dive into the SEO success strategies you must apply now. In this article, we will mention a few strategies that can help you in SEO success:

Select Niche Keywords

Keywords are the phrases that people use to search for something online. For example, if someone is looking for skincare products, then google will see if it is relevant to your content and if it is, it will show in the search results. Therefore, you must choose keywords that align with your business and use them across your website.

Consider your business before selecting keywords for your content and what will make your business stand out since there are chances the same industry out there as yours. Now it is tricky to find the right keywords for your business. You can use the tool offered by google (Google keyword planner). It will also give alternate options for different keywords.

Once you have collected your keywords, distribute them around your website, like page titles, product descriptions, blogs and articles. Use them where they are relevant. Don’t just dump wherever you want. If google finds out about keyword stuffing, it will lower your ranking position.

Page Loading Time for SEO Success

No one likes a slow-loading website. Not humans or bots. 85% of users will bounce back from a website that loads slowly (more than 4 seconds). If you find any page loading slowly, you can use PageSpeed Insights to analyze the page and see the issues.

There are a few methods that can help you speed up your page time:

  • Use less number of plugins.
  • Remove older pages that are not in use.
  • Reduce the size of images.

Create a Smooth User Experience – SEO Success

Ensure your users can easily navigate your website with organized pages, proper page menus, and URLs that can tell what the page is about. For example, you can use breadcrumbs at the top of your page. It will help you get one-click access to other pages on your website. It is suitable for your SEO success too.

Use simple, understandable language that is easy for everyone. Try to use different colours or bold fonts. You can use the Google search console tool to see if your page is easy to navigate. It will show you how users click through pages so you can quickly identify issues, if there are any, on your website. Make your website mobile-friendly since many users use the internet on their mobile phones.

Write for both People and Bot

Search engines will quickly identify if the content is written for users or for them. Suppose, for example, and you use keywords too many times, then the readability, copied content or useless content. Google quickly identifies these things. Both Google and humans love unique, exciting and good-quality content. So even for backlinking, use high-quality sources.

Use Visual Aids for SEO Success

Visual has become so popular nowadays. The research shows that a person spends an average of 100 minutes watching videos online. Now it is no doubt that people and search engines both love videos and images. Visual aids mainly trigger deeper emotions when compared to written content.

It is also estimated that more than 40% of click-through rates are higher than written content. So we can see a significant difference. Now you can understand what we are trying to say. They are easy to watch and understand, accessible and require less effort since you need to watch, not read.

And when we talk about images, you can only tell what the whole content is about by looking at the picture used in the content. So it will make your content more exciting and valuable.

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