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Personalized Homepage

Personalized Homepage


Personalized homepage customizes your website’s main page for visitors based on content interest, location and subscription package. For example, if you have a brand, you can customize your page with your product recommendations, personalized content, images, videos, articles and offers.

Let us mention that a personalized homepage is not the same as a customized website. A personalized website is about reaching the audience with content and creativity when the audience land on your website for the first time.

Importance of Personalized Homepage

There are many reasons why a personalized homepage is important. It increases people’s interest and generates many clients compared to other essential experiences. But let us see what other benefits of a personalized homepage are:

The significant increase in revenue. Some research shows that 80% of customers will buy from a website with a tremendously personalized homepage.
The increasing engagement of people. The research shows that 75% of people only get engaged with customized content since it inspires people to return more often.

The improvement in customer experience and perception of the brand is due to personalization by marketers. But since we all know what looks good to our eyes, we get back to it again. So you need to customize your website so people do not have second thoughts about returning. They should get back to your website as soon as possible.

Strategies for Personalized Homepage

It’s up to you how you desire to customize your home and make it relevant and exciting for your clients, but we have some interesting and noticeable ideas for you all.

Content Based on Location
You can personalize the homepage using geographic data from users’ devices, which means the content is based on location. Suppose, for example, your website is from India. Your website displays different content for India and different for other countries.

One of the notable things about location-based publishers is a patch that will read the user’s zip code and towns and then provide customized local content.

Preference Based Suggestions
You can also personalize your homepage content based on your audience’s preferences. This strategy’s key is collecting first-party data about readers’ interests. For example, if publishers offer newsletters across different verticals, you can use the information to personalize the information.

Benefits of Personalized Homepage

When you genuinely understand your customers and provide them with what they want, they will notice and stay:

Appropriate Product Recommendation:

The great benefit of a customized website is that you can place relevant products on the homepage. In addition, you can recommend people different products based on their search so they can purchase them in future. Furthermore, you can retarget the ads based on people’s engagement with your content and automatically populate specific items on the users’ instant on the homepage of your website.

Increase the Stay Duration on Your Website:

To attract human attention, you only have 8 seconds. So it means making your website as attractive as possible you can. Another thing you can do is see the buying history of people and look for what they search for on the internet. Then, by mirroring your customer’s habits, you can recommend them accordingly. They will come back again and again.

High Landing page and CTAs

It would help if you focused on personalizing your website to increase conversion rates. That’s the most important benefit for your business. Your website’s revenue increases by 7% if you have a personalized homepage. For that, you need intention, more attention to your website and actionable work, and also, ROI expectations are high to match.


Personalizing a website is a critical step for any publisher. It includes personalizing emails, ad offerings and push notifications. But, of course, you have to personalize users’ experience too from the moment they land on your homepage.

With the help of solid first impressions and relevant content, your website or business can go a long way. In addition, many software available online can help you personalize your homepage. So, you can have increased engagement ad revenue and unlock different opportunities.

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