Rich Results Test

Rich Results Test

Rich Results Test

Rich results are also known as Rich Snippets. Rich results help users by providing them with a more user-friendly experience than direct hyperlinks in Google search results. This includes images and all the other non-text elements. And when we talk about the rich results test, a tool developed by Google to check how well the search engines view your website as you expect.

This tool will display which pages are suitable for rich snippets and where extended results can be obtained from the page’s content. Rich result tool will scroll through your entire website and check if your website has structured data, and see if your website is eligible for rich results. And here the question arises what are rich snippets? Rich snippets are structured data that show how better your website results are in Google search.

We focus on these snippets because the website gets more organic CTR if we have good rich snippets. Most of the time, they appear above the text-based search results, and rich results are why people talk about position zero, which is above the first position.

It also has different elements like:
Images and Videos
Knowledge Graph Panels
Recipe Cards
Event Listing

How to Use Rich Results Tool?

Before starting, we must decide which page or content to optimize for rich results. Here are simple steps that you can follow to get started with rich snippets:

The first step is to Access to Rich Results Tool

You see the Rich Results Snippet you will find on the Google website. This process is straightforward and requires less information to perform the test, and you don’t need to go through hurdles to finish the test. We will mention the link below, and you can check it out.

The next step is Choosing the User Agent

In this step, you need to choose the user agent to test your website for Mobile or desktop. You can see the option below the URL submission box, and you can go for mobile or desktop based on your requirements. It is better to use a mobile Googlebot when you have a mobile-friendly website.

Now enter the URL in the space. So once you enter the page URL, you want to test. You also need to ensure that all the resources on the page that are tested need to be accessible to anonymous users who can access the code from the internet because no resources can be tested that are protected by a password.

You will also see the option of URL or code for the above submission, and it is better if you click on the code option to test in the field that will be displayed.
Rich snippets cover certain aspects. After submitting the URL, you will find it, and when you click on the “View Tested Page,” you will get the results in the form of HTML code, Screenshots, and more information.

Use Google Search Console

In Google Search Console, you will find individual rich snippets of your website. You need to go to your Google search console account and then click on the Improvement section, and you will see the entire status of your implementation.
And if you want to see the clicks and impressions you got through rich results, you must go to the Performance section. Under that, you will find Search Appearance, then click on that to get the data.

Structured Data Detection

The tool will also detect the information of structured data elements found on the tested page. It will show everything listed on the page—from good results to warnings, errors, etc. Also, the results are fully compatible with the Google Search Console results and can be shared with others using the sharing tab. Another thing this tool does it will help you detect the elements of the web page that are also eligible for good rich snippets.


Rich Results or rich snippets provide enhanced search results with more information than the search engine shown in search results. They give users more context and more attractive, appealing, and informative search results. Since it is all about images and non-text information, apart from this, the elements of the web page are also eligible for rich snippets.

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