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SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content Marketing


SEO Content marketing is the strategy to increase your traffic. Good content marketing is an essential factor in positioning on any website’s search engines.
When we talk about SEO content marketing, we refer to everything we generate on a website. A blog and social networks. Whether photography, video or text. We try to position ourselves as well as possible in search engines with organic SEO tools or paid SEM tools.

Ideally, the people in charge of SEO positioning and content creators work hand in hand. However, in current online marketing. It makes no sense to start writing a text or use a particular photograph or video without being clear about the objectives we are looking for in terms of the topic to be discussed. The keywords to be used and the target audience we are targeting.

For this reason, the indications that SEO positioning specialists give to content generators are fundamental and must be taken into account when writing any text.

Relationship between SEO and Content Marketing

Before purchasing on the Internet, we almost always look for opinions of other users about those products and look for similar products and services that are well positioned in search engines. In addition, we usually want to compare products to be able to choose the best or the one that most convinces us.

That is why we must optimize our content by hitting the keywords used if we want our brand or product to appear in the first place in search engines. The objective of SEO is to improve the visibility of web pages. While content marketing seeks to develop that content to inform and satisfy customers’ needs.

To achieve a good web positioning. We have to select some keywords that we will insert in the development of the article. Keywords are essential for SEO but must be dressed with relevant content. Other users share quality content. In this way, we can get quality links.

SEO rules have evolved, and today companies need to integrate search engine optimization with content marketing and social media. Content marketing improves SEO. And also, social networks help spread the content and increase the visibility and reach of articles.

Delving into the Connection between SEO and Content Marketing

A web page must have good content. In addition to reaching it, the reader stays and is interested in what is offered there. It is also highly recommended to include a blog section on the web and update it constantly with articles designed in advance that provide exciting content for our readers.

SEO and content marketing are complementary, two pieces of the same puzzle, which must fit well for the whole to work. However, when a comprehensive marketing strategy is designed. Considering different factors and tools, it goes much further.

For example, Google, the leading search engine in our geographical area, rewards websites with quality content since it considers them interesting to users. However, that content must have specific characteristics so that Google prioritizes it over others from the competition.

On the web, the home pages and services are limited in content and keywords. And we need more to appear among the first results on Google. It is where content marketing takes on an important role.

A Good Content Marketing Strategy

The design of the strategy to be developed in SEO content marketing is the basis for the proper functioning of the actions that will be carried out in these two fields. Therefore, coordinating activities in these two spaces will improve our overall result.
Regarding the target audience, it is necessary to find their Behaviour patterns, interests, opinions about products and other aspects such as demographic information, needs and motivations.

To achieve a good SEO positioning, it is essential to define the keywords used in the different texts and tools that help positioning. It also requires prior keyword selection work. The type of keywords differs according to the user’s intention; they can be informational, transactional or navigational. Also, depending on the search volume, they can go in different places within the text; Head, Middle Tail or Long Tail.
To choose keywords to use, you must investigate the keywords that position the competition. Next, we must vary the keywords and themes in an editorial calendar. The calendar will allow us to organize the contents over time, preparing seasonal articles based on specific. It is necessary to vary the categories of the articles and avoid the keywords being repetitive.

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