What is Page Authority?

Page Authority

What is Page Authority?


Page authority will determine how specific the page will rank on the search engine results page (SERP). The page authority score is from 1 to 100, and then a higher number means a higher ability to rank on google.

It is based on the data and web page of the website and also takes other factors into account. For example, domain authority basically uses a machine learning process to identify the algorithm that will best correlate with ranking ability around the thousands of SERPs. After this, it will produce a page authority scores page.

Difference Between Page and Domain Authority

It is simple; the page authority measures the page’s ranking and scores it, whereas the domain authority estimates the strength of the whole domain. These are the same but different you know what this means.

They both use the same methods of calculating the ranking. They both are mutually beneficial as they mutually influence each other. Both are the holistic presentation of your page.

How to Improve Page Authority?

Many factors will influence the authority, but let us see other things that will improve your page authority. Let us know what they are:

Quality in Link Building

It is an essential part of good SEO. You can reach out to businesses or companies that have the same mission. It will give the link great authority and perceived validity.

Add as many external links as you want. Including external sources on your page increases the chances of more growth.

Now good link building is based on a few factors:

  • Where the link you place on the page.
  • The page authority
  • The number and quality of backlinks.

Keep the Content Updated

To keep your page authorized, you must keep your website updated with new content. It is an excellent way to keep your website ranked every time. So make sure you are up to date with your content.

Remove Spam Comments

Sometimes the spam comments on the page can affect the page authority. Your page will be targeted into black hat SEO techniques eventually, decreasing the SERP of your page. External Links, if those pages have spam comments, can affect your page.

Which is More Important? Domain or Page Authority

Both are equally important for your website for different but the same reasons. You need page authority if you want your page to rank on SERP. To make the new blog do well on the internet, you need to optimize the page first, comparing it to the same pages on the internet with excellent link building, external links and more. And if you want to optimize your overall domain. So, both are equally important for your website.

How to Check Page Authority?

You can use some of the applications or tools to check page authority and keep a check on these concepts to optimize your website. There are many tools to do this, but let’s focus on these two tools that are Ahref and SEMrush.


Ahref will help you understand the strength of your website’s search results. It uses the website authority metric that will make a significant difference. You need simple steps to check your authority.

Open the Ahref tool and put your specific page URL or domain into the checker. Wait for a few seconds. Then you will see the results on the screen, which will help you to optimize your page or website since now you know the score of your website, you can improve it.


This basically works similar to other authority metrics. However, it uses the SEMrush authority score. Here are a few steps to follow while using SEMrush. So to use it, you first have to make an account in SEMrush then, after signing up, you can check your page or domain and their SEMrush authority score.

After creating an account in the SEMrush on their page, go to the desktop option. Once you have opened the desktop option, you can search the page URLs or domains in the search bar given there.

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