What is SEO Link building?

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SEO Link building

What is SEO Link building?


SEO Link building is where you get links from other websites for your websites. This process is also called backlinking. This will help your website get more authority if you get links from authentic and high-quality websites. It will also help you rank at the top on the search engine results page (SERP).

Linking your website to other authorized websites is telling google that your website is trustworthy and accurate. It will also help if other websites refer to your content. So if you want to build a sturdy SEO strategy, you need to consider link building.

How does SEO Link Building Work?

It would help if you built links from trustworthy, authorized, relevant websites. If you get links from websites that are irrelevant and spammy, then it won’t be easy to rank your page. So make sure to do proper research.

Here are a few ways that will help you with backlinks:

  • Outreaching people manually
  • Social media promotion
  • Guest blogging
  • Following competitors backlinks

Link building is a potent tool for organic traffic. It is a challenge for beginners, but once you tackle this strategy, then it will help you improve your ranking. Though it is a powerful tool but it is not the only thing we need to focus on. You need to also focus on creating good content.

Importance of Link Building

Suppose you have created great content. But it is hard to rank your website since it is not authorized and is new. So make connections with other websites through link building that are authentic and trustworthy. Then it will help google to see your website as authoritative.

  • Link building will help your website gain more confidence.
  • The researched data shows that pages with backlinks rank better. For this, you need to create good content you can link to.

Now you know why link-building is essential. Another thing we would like to mention is to start the link-building process soon since it will be an excellent advantage for your website over your competitors and will help you in the long run.

How to Know if the Link you get is the Good Link?

You have infinite options for getting links. Since there are 1.8 billion websites on the internet, 25 million are indexed pages. So how can we know the difference between good and bad Links? Look for these few things that will help you know whether the link is good.

To know if the link is trustworthy and is a good quality link, you need to look out for these things:

  • If the URL has SSL (Secure socket layer)
  • The lifetime of the website.
  • Presence of privacy policy.
  • Activities on social media.

Now you can trust a website that has been on the internet for an extended time, is active on social media and gets a good amount of organic traffic every month. And also the elements that indicate that this is a secure website. So you are good to go.

Make sure that the website you are linking has similar content to yours. This will make sure that you are connecting to the right website.

Authority Score
Authority score will help to know how impactful the website is. So the more authority score, the more your website is trusted. The scale is from 1 to 100. The closer to 100, the better the website. The growth of your domain is also based on your niche.

There is a tool called Backlinks Analytic tool that can help you check your website’s authority score. It will also help you check domains linked to your website, so you know how useful it is for your website.

Anchor Text
Anchor text is the text that will help you link one page to another. It basically allows users to get context to a specific page. It will also help google algorithm helps understand what the page is about, eventually helping to rank better.

Strategies for Successful Link Building

This article will mention a few strategies to help you with successful link-building. There are so many strategies, but these are proven to be more successful. Let us quickly go through them:

Be Active on Social Media
The quick way to build backlinks is to post constantly on social media. Once you start doing this with good graphics, you will likely build good backlinks. Social media presence will also help create brand awareness and get more opportunities.

  • Post every single update about your brand.
  • Engage with other similar brands.
  • And also engage with your audience in messages and comments.

Create Linkable Assets
Linkable assets are the piece of content that will help attract links. Now the most common linkable asset is an infographic. It is an excellent presentation as a graphic in your niche. It also allows you to social media posts and brand awareness.

Posting these assets on social media will help you get more audience and increase your website’s traffic.

Guest Posting
It is a great way to earn backlinks if done correctly. First, find a page that is relevant to your page. Post topics that are interesting and help your website grow. Never forget to include original data and case studies.

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