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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for My Website

Affiliate marketing is a platform where you can promote another company’s service or product, so in return, you can get a commission on every sale you generate for them. The commission is the amount you get according to the percentage of every sale you make.

Reasons for Considering Affiliate Marketing

Now that we have seen what affiliate marketing is, let us now see why you should consider doing it:

It is Easy to Scale
Usually, when you work for a company, you sell products of that particular company. But in affiliate marketing, you can promote different products from different companies and make massive commissions. So this is how it is easy to scale, plus you earn more than usual.

No Huge Investment and Lesser Risk
Investing in a business can be very expensive and risky at the same time. And you have no idea whether your business will make profits. But when we talk about the affiliate market, you have to start it online with less cost. So even if it does not work out, there is no huge loss.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Each affiliate will get a unique link to help the merchant see who is making the sale. When someone clicks on the link, a file called a cookie will be saved on their device. This cookie will do two things:

It holds an expiry date. So even if a buyer delays their purchase, you will get paid.
It will help the merchant point the sale to the right person.

Let us quickly look at the example for a better understanding:

Suppose a reader reads your post about a skincare product and then clicks on your affiliate link. That link will lead to the product on XYZ company. The company that product you are selling. Due to some work, they left without buying. But since they have clicked on your affiliate link, the cookies are saved on their device.

So once they make a purchase, you will make a profit—isn’t that great about affiliate marketing? Each company has a duration of cookies. Suppose it has 24 hours for the cookie. So if that customer purchased more things, you would make a profit even though you have not promoted it because he has your cookies saved in their device, and they are still active.

How Much Can I Earn from the Market?

There is no set figure for this. You earn depending on your work, company and niche you are working for. In the beginning, it won’t be as you expected, but don’t lose hope. With hard work, time and knowledge, you will be successful.

How to get started?

Here are a few simple steps that will help you to start working in affiliate marketing:

Choose a Platform:
First things first, you need to choose the platform. The best nowadays is Instagram. On Instagram, it is easy to build connections and grow your audience. You can also do it through websites by posting blogs or even through youtube.
If you want to build your website, do the marketing and optimize it for search engines so you can have a better chance of ranking on google. Posting blogs and articles is quick, easy and cheap, and it will cost a few dollars per month.

Select the Niche
You will find tons of competitors when you step into marketing through blogging. You better your niche beforehand before getting into marketing. Choose a topic that targets a specific market, such as health and wellness.

Sticking to the topic will help you build more audience and also help you rank at the top in the search results. So working consistently on the same topic will eventually help you grow. Most of the time, people lose their affiliation due to a lack of consistency.

Create a Good Content
It is essential to create high-quality content to succeed and also content that can fit affiliate links naturally. Then, you can start writing about the things that you will find easily. You don’t need to buy expensive products in the beginning.

Then follow the other steps, like getting traffic and clicks on your website; eventually, you can convert those clicks into sales.

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