WordPress is the most well-known platform for online content marketing. You can use this platform to work if you haven’t already. So getting on WordPress is an intelligent move, no matter who you are a business owner, SEO professional, content or copywriter, developer, or designer.

Most people now gravitate towards WordPress because it is free, easy to use and provides excellent tools. Apart from this, it is easy to maintain and simple to use. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the simplicity and flexibility WordPress can provide. But it is a little hard for you to set up a website on WordPress, especially when your goal is to earn organic traffic.

This post will help you through brief insights of WordPress on WordPress. Lol, we kind of made a riddle. Jokes apart, let us get started.

There are a lot of SEO plugins, but the most popular plugin used by WordPress is Yoast SEO. If you don’t have Yoast SEO installed, do it now because it is the most powerful and valuable tool compared to others.

Post and Page on WordPress

WordPress will provide you with two sections for uploading your content. These pages are where you upload content that will be your website’s landing page and posts where you can publish your blogs or articles.

After creating a WordPress website account, you can post your blogs or articles. Go into the dashboard on the left side you will find both pages and posts. To publish articles, click on the post. Next, you can post your article. We prefer writing our blogs in word documents or notes so we can revive them. From there, you can copy and paste the content on WordPress. Enter the title in the title bar.

Make sure the readability and SEO turn green. It means your article is good. Then, you can go through the instructions below, so it is easy to work on WordPress after you finish this. The next step is creating categories. Create categories according to your niche. So you can select a category depending on the topic you choose for the article.

Yoast SEO

The next step is filling out the Yoast SEO, which we mentioned earlier about turning the SEO green. This is how you do it:

  • First, Write your Focus key phrase.
  • Then write your SEO title.
  • Meta description (A brief description of your article).
  • Add the featured image below the category section on the right side.
  • Other things include adding outbound links, internal links, and the number of focused keywords.

When all these are done, you are good to go for the next step.

WP Structured Data on WordPress

You will find this below. First, enable the section depending on what you are publishing. Then, you get the options on the right side, select them and fill in the bars. It is automatically done for you if you have a premium account.

Once you are done with everything on the above right side, you will find an option for a “Preview”. Click on that and check whether everything you have is done correctly. If you find any errors or issues, you can quickly correct them.

When you are done checking everything and find no issues, you can publish your article or blog. Another tip we would like to mention is if you want to make any changes in the article a day after you have published your article, then change the date to that particular in the “Modified Date.” That is under the WP section.


Above is a brief description of WordPress and how you optimize the blogs for better results. One additional tip is to put your website on the Google search console, a free tool provided by Google, so when you index the article, it will appear on Google. Of course, you can hire a professional developer to do this for you or your company.

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