Ad Rank

Ad Rank

Ad rank is defined as a position of an advertisement with Google Search Engine’s sponsored results. It will help you determine where an ad appears compared to other ads with similar keywords or targeted audiences. It also determines the ad position in SERP. So, the higher the ranking more will be the increased visibility and eventually leading to high CTR. Some of the factors are determined when looking for ad rank.

  • The bid amount: High bid can lead to a higher ranking.
  • Quality Score: An assessed quality score and the ad’s relevancy, the landing page of the user search query, and the keywords. Quality score is estimated by different factors such as Click through rates,
  • Impacts of Ad Format: Ad formats like call extensions, site link extensions, and extensions can lead to good ad visibility and ranking.

There is a formula for ad rank that depends on the advertising platform. Let us look at it how this formula works:
Ad Rank = Bid amount x Quality Score

The bid amount represents the maximum amount an advertiser will pay when someone clicks on their ad. And the quality of the score represents the ad quality and relevancy, which is based on factors of ad relevancy, ad quality, landing page experience, CTR, and more.

How to Improve Ad Rank?

Now we have seen what exactly ad rank is and how it works. Let us look at a few ways to help you improve your ad rank for better results.

Creating Good Landing Pages:

Landing pages are a critical part of improving your ad ranking. Even after paying for ads, having a wrong landing page would be very disappointing. The user experience can get you a client, depending on what you provide your users. The search query should indicate what you display on your website. There was a time when you needed to focus on creating different landing pages for each group which could have been a better use of time. Well, this is not the case anymore. One landing page is enough for one website.

Let us see some of the things to keep in mind while working on landing pages:

  • The device users use.
  • The unnecessary space on the page.
  • The time the pages take to load.
  • How many clicks are needed for users to solve their problems?

Improving the Ad Relevance in Ad Rank:

The vital factor of ad rank is relevancy, which means how precisely your ad matches user search intent. Now what are the factors that will help you improve your ad relevancy?

First, you need to start auditing the keywords you are using. You must include keywords in titles and descriptions that users search for. Another great way to do this is responsive search ads, which will help you see what resonates best with the user search.

Google also helps you give reports on these titles and descriptions, ranking keywords from low to high based on performance. And you must pin all the ads performing well on the top so that it shows up in the user search query. Google always focuses on providing its users with the best results and shows ads relevant to the user search.

Ad Extensions:

Ad extensions are a great way to get more CTRs and improve ad rank. The ad extension will help in providing more information than you do about your business. After seeing this brighter side of the ad extension, do not start adding it.

If your ad extension does not align with your search terms, it may lower your ranking and CTR. But do not worry. You can create ad extensions to different things on your website, and let us look at a few of them:

  1. Image
  2. Site Link
  3. Price
  4. Location
  5. App
  6. Promotion
  7. Call


Ad rank is one of the essential factors of online advertising, as it will help you determine the success and visibility of your advertisement. Many advertisers get higher ad ranks to maximize their effectiveness in reaching their target audience.

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