Smart SEO Tips

Smart SEO Tips

Smart SEO Tips


Are you looking for smart SEO tips but easy to tackle? Here are straightforward tips that can help you with SEO. We have already talked about it, but we have put everything together in this article so it is easy for you to understand.

Apart from writing great content and building an excellent link strategy, it would help if you got deeper into SEO fundamentals. There is a technical side to SEO which is a bit more complex than content writing and link building but has the same importance.

Internal Links – Smart SEO Tips

The internal links are those links that are given within the website. This is the most crucial part of SEO. It improves the usability of the entire website. Google follows links to discover content on your website so it can be ranked better.

Since you are adding internal links to newly published pages, it will be easier for the search engine to find them, even if the pages are old. The chances some pages can be missed by google, so with the help of internal links, those pages can be ranked too.

Broken Links – Smart SEO Tips

Google is aware that broken links are a natural occurrence on the website. However, broken links hurt SEO indirectly. How? It affects user experience, which is a ranking factor. That is how it goes. Did you see the string? Let us talk about it briefly.

These links become annoying for people when they try to open a page through links and cannot reach their desired page causing a poor experience. Once you fix these broken links, you cannot expect growth in traffic immediately because, first, you need to ensure the users have a better experience on your website.

Another way broken links hurt SEO is that the link juice is wasted. Since this link juice will lead to another web page, it won’t because it is broken. So wasted! And especially when we talk about outbound or broken backlinks, it will give a negative signal to Google.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a ranking signal for mobile, not desktop yet, which helps in most search traffic since many internet users are on their mobile. It also creates a great user experience and is crucial in converting visitors into customers or clients. So the value goes beyond SEO.

Google itself recommends responsive design patterns. However, recently, google came up with a separate mobile index. Well, this is not efficient, but let us see if google moves back to a single index only.

Page Speed

Every second counts when you talk about page speed. Even google research shows that if the page loading time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 30% and people tend to leave your page.

Page speed plays crucial in SEO (Search engine optimization). Therefore, Google considers every little thing when deciding to rank a page. And also, page speed is essential for ranking both on desktop and mobile devices.

Another thing that is affected due to page speed is professionalism. If your website takes longer to load, your brand will look unprofessional, unauthorized and unreliable. So if you want your website to be highly effective, you need to work on your page speed. Check your page’s current performance right now.

Meta Description – Smart SEO Tips

Meta description plays an essential role in the Google Search engine. So the priority should be to write it in such a way that the user should have no other option but to click on your page.

The simple rule here is that the description should be relevant to your page, easy to understand, and eye-catching. Mention points that target your brand or work. It will give users an exact idea about your work. Don’t forget to use CTA. It is like a weapon that will help your meta description to enhance your smart SEO tips

Make sure that your work stands out from the crowd. Even if you have a great product or work description, it is incomplete without your meta description. So make sure you work on it smartly. It allows more clicks, which means more visitors. More visitors means the highest ranking. So in this article has mentioned everything about meta description, how to write it, and tips and tricks to increase your SEO.

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