What is SEO Copywriting?

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What is SEO Copywriting?


SEO copywriting is creating good quality content that includes SEO practices that are useful to users. The word copywriting means writing content for advertisements and sales. The content that attracts engages and gets leads.

But it can also apply to SEO. For example, with compelling content, you can create products or landing pages and optimize them so it ranks better on google. Unfortunately, nowadays, people are more into SEO copywriting about optimizing blog posts. Well, basically, that is content writing, not copywriting.

This article will discuss tips for SEO copywriting that you can use for content writing.

Find Accurate Keywords – SEO Copywriting

Keywords are phrases or words people enter into search engines to find the information or products they are looking for. And finding the right keywords will help you easily pop up in people’s search results. It also enables you to create good content that will eventually help you rank better in the google search engine and get more traffic.

Here is an idea! You can start targeting those keywords that are related to your niche. But they should be less competitive. Then, you can use tools like Ahref or SEMrush to find relevant keywords for your website.

Identify and Gratify Search Intent – SEO Copywriting

You are identifying the reason behind the search when you find out the search intent of a keyword. And satisfying the purpose is necessary because search quality is one of the primary goals of Google. So we mean that if you want to rank on google, you need to identify and satisfy the search intent of every single page you publish.

You can go through our previous article, where we talked about four types of search intent: Informational, Commercial, Navigational and Keyword. Go through the whole article to deeply understand the theory behind the search intent.

Create a Great Backlink Profile

To build a great backlink profile, you must have a linkable asset. It will help you earn backlinks naturally. Examples of linkable assets are organic research, in-depth guides and case studies. The complicated part about the linkable asset is you don’t know what content to choose.

The simple strategy to get backlinks is finding where your industry’s people are linking. You can start with your competitors getting backlinks. Then, look out for pages that are top-linked to and answer these questions to know a better way:

  • The format they are using is short or long
  • Are they using more images, videos or do they have only text

Create Good and Easy-to-Read Content – SEO Copywriting

People are on the internet to look for answers. They want everything easy and quick. So please don’t confuse them more with your complex and tricky content. Here are a few guidelines that can help you write excellent and understandable content:

  • Give a proper structure to your content. For example, divide everything into headings using headers (h1,2,3 and 4). So it is more refined, accurate and easy to understand.
  • The information present in your content should be relevant and informative. If not, what is the point of writing? Large, complex paragraphs should be avoided. Use short sentences.
  • Use simple and easy words wherever possible. However, using complex vocabulary can be difficult for some people.
  • Ensure you include images and videos to make it look more understandable and exciting.

Improve Title Tags and Meta Description

When people search for something in a search engine, they first see a title tag and meta description, and if they find out interesting, they open your web page. Therefore, don’t include too long or too short title tags and meta descriptions since google can alter the SERP depending on users’ queries.

The better you write them both, the more clicks you get and generate more revenue. We have mentioned this before, but we will repeat that the length of the title tag should be 55-60 characters, and for meta description, it should be 120 characters, which is suitable for mobile optimization, too.

Include a Call to Action

The primary goal of any SEO copywriting is to generate conversions. Now, this is where the call to action comes to hand. The user land on your web page for a reason, right? They were looking for some information and found it on your page. And your next goal is to get them to the products page.

Now you need to show them the way to the next thing. Create simple images, buttons, links or more so they can easily click and get to the next page. From copywriting outlook, this will improve your copy’s conversion rate.

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